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Big Announcement from CrossFit HQ

In late 2016, CrossFit HQ announced it will be moving the CrossFit Games from their previous home in Carson, CA to Madison, WI. The move came with some scrutiny from SoCal-based Crossfitters but was met with praise from many box owners and health-enthusiasts around the nation.

"Because of the swich, I'll be able to finally go take in the atmosphere of the Games," said Crossfit affiliate owner Josh Tackett. Tackett, who operates CrossFit Strode Station in Winchester, KY said that the cost to fly across the country to attend the Games in Carson was too costly. However, by putting the games just a few short hours away by car, he and his athletes can now attend the Games in Madison, even if they don't plan on going in.

What do you think about this move? Are you for it or against it? Let us know!



Ryan Williams