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Create Something That Sells Itself in 4 Easy Steps

Isn't that the dream? How does a product go from "I've never heard of it!" to "I can't believe you've never heard of it!"?

It's almost a linear equation. Do this, add a dash of this, remove these things, and you'll have a product that actually sells itself!

So what is this equation and why are we not ALL doing it? 

Well, for one, it takes some time, knowhow, foresight, and elbow grease. But it all starts with your product. 

1. Provide a product or service that actually solves a problem. 

It's actually why we started Action Ready. We saw that small to medium sized business owners either didn't understand, didn't care, or didn't have time to worry about marketing, measuring ROI, and how to tweak messaging to impact results. Come up with something that is easily communicated to your consumers' needs on multiple levels. Does your product make people hear better? Help businesses direct sales data better? Or save people from boredom? Or make them the hero at home? Whatever it is, make sure the problem your solving is a problem people actually have.

2. Make sure your product's value exceeds its cost.

What's the value for smelling good? If you asked a company like Old Spice, they'd tell you the value is more than the $3.99 price tag on its product. Whatever your product is, make sure the target end user's value is greater than the out-of-pocket cost. Don't forget to factor in things like learning time, manufacturing lead time, or opportunity costs into your calculations. 

3. Start lean. Stay lean.

Are you adding a bunch of bells and whistles to your product before it even hits the market? Why? The added cost of those changes, the delay to market, and the odds that your target market won't respond favorably to these changes is greater and greater with each new addition. Start out with what's called a minimum viable product (also known as an MVP - pretty cool, huh?). This is the most basic version of your product or service you can offer. From there, openly ask for feedback, criticism, reject, praise, and suggestions and take all of these things into consideration as you build the next versions of your product. That way no time, money, or heartache is wasted on product that your market doesn't want.

4. Market smarter.

There's a reason why products that tend to "go viral" seem to be everywhere. It's because they have tied all of these things together in great harmony with some smart marketing. That doesn't mean more money. With a great marketing partner like Action Ready Marketing, each dollar you spend can be directly tied to results. From those results, you adjust, change, and make them better. Employing specific tactics that target social sharing and other critical word of mouth marketing wins, your product could just be the next big hit.

Easy enough, right? As long as you keep these things in mind with your existing business or if you're planning a new service or product, you will find - and be able to prove - success.

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Ryan Williams